empathic,Friday 16-Feb-2001 23:39:25,,

I am looking to contact people that have the ability to feel what others are feeling on an emotional levela and/or that experieince discussions with others on "mind" level. (the other person speaking to you on a personal level regardless of how they think or feel about you on this plane.),Sean    celtababy@hotmail.com

11:11,Wednesday 14-Feb-2001 11:39:26,,I was wondering if anyone here would know the signigicance with the time 11:11 or the number 11. Darn near EVERY DAY I look at the clock when it is EXACTLY 11:11 at least once. It happened yesterday twice and this morning again. I seem to be doing it more often as of late. Any theories? Thanks...,Karmic Relief,  luvthecubs@hotmail.com

Tarot card teacher,Monday 5-Feb-2001 14:28:00,,Does anyone know a good tarot teacher in the NY area? Please email me with the info Juiceybjandj@aol.com,,Juiceybjandj@aol.com
sexual euphoric time travel,Friday 2-Feb-2001 12:29:16,,last night i had the strangest sexual experience i ever. i felt like my soul was being stolen from me by this women she told me that she had the abilities to usher in a climx so powerful that we could time travel. in the mist of the act the feeling was so overwhelming i started getting visions of beautiful secret places in another world. my orgasim seemed as if it was never going to end. it got to the point that i was getting ready to pass out. out of fear i quickly stopped the act. afterwards she told me that she was a witch a good one. this completely freaked me out! what does she want from me? am i in danger? does she need me to get acess into some other world? it may seem a little strange but i extremely serious please give me some advice or answers.,alex,
Re: sexual euphoric time travel,Sunday 4-Feb-2001 09:57:08,,Alex can you contact me on this personally.<BR><BR> Thank you.. ,I would like to discuss this more.. ,is416@aol.com 
Someone help me figure out these haunting dreams!,Thursday 1-Feb-2001 10:53:59,,Hi! I am new here and have been looking for a place like this to turn to. I have been haunted by these particular dreams now for about 7 or 8 years consistently! It all started when we moved to Irving Texas from Oklahoma. I knew noone there. I still remember the dream that started it all. I had fallen asleep on the couch and in the dream I was lying on the same couch and this arm comes across me ( I could tell it was a man's arm) and I hear my name! This was sooo real that I woke up in a panic. The dream just continued on from there. All with this particular group in them and they always seem to be after me for some reason. There is even one man who appears to be wearing a priest outfit. PLEASE if anyone has any idea what all this means let me know. You have NO idea what this has done to me. I've always been afraid to tell anyone because I thought they would think I was crazy. <BR>Thanks <BR>Kelly,Kelly,kpowell@chek.com
Someone Help,Monday 15-Jan-2001 20:08:13,,To get to the point-When I close my eyes anytime day or night there is a war going on.Gods angles vs Satans angles.I con feel Satan and his demonds around me I have even faught myself with Satan or one of his demonds. I have seen my soul leave my body taken by the evil but then retrived by Gods angles as you can see I need some advice soon. Please.,Rae,Rae2872@yahoo.com
Re: Someone Help,Monday 22-Jan-2001 13:29:20,,Starting with the beginning of this year the universe has changed its axis. What this mean is that the evil coming into this world is being deminished. People with evil in their personalities are being forced to leave via death or otherwise. They are losing their jobs families and careers. God wants his world back! Hence there is a fight going on right now and you can see this in your dreams which makes you dangerous to the evil ones. You would be best served to shut down your light energy before going to bed. You have a "spiritual" energy that the demonds want and need to survive. <BR><BR>I would be interested in knowing what else you see in these dreams. If you care to email me with more information I can pin point why you are being shown these dreams. I believe it is to help people around you that are going through some crisis. There is a war going on and good is coming back! I wonder if in your personal life if there are any changes? <BR><BR>Good luck Rae!,Sam,mugzzi@yahoo.com
Psychic Readings & Accuracy,Sunday 14-Jan-2001 01:07:22,,I am wanting some advice regarding "getting advice from a psychic". I have been really "into" talking to psychics within the last few years; job love relationships family issues. I've talked with many. In the last year or so my questions have concerned my love life (or lack thereof). I am 40 years old never married and dated the wrong guy for a number of years. There are few available decent guys where I live. I fell for a much younger guy last year but he was still "attached" to his immature possessive girlfriend. I was told by no less than 6 or 7 psychics that things would end with he and the girlfriend and that he and I would be together. I believed this for months and nothing happened. He quit talking to me because she got very jealous--end of story. He never did leave her despite the psychics predictions. I did not have any interest in anyone else. Then in August of this year I became friends with another guy from work. This one was more my age never married and had ended a dating relationship with another co-worker. I have had two different psychics over the past few months advising me about this situation. I was told to "ask him to dinner" I did and he seemed receptive but due to our schedule conflicts we did not set a date. He was supposed to let me know the next week. He never came back around to talk to me. Psychics told me that he and I would be dating soon. Now this guy also avoids me and I feel like a total fool for asking him out. I recently sent an e-mail to another psychic network who told me that this guy is not wanting a serious relationship right now and he knows that I don't want a "fling" thing thus he avoids me rather than being upfront like he should have been or at least say that he can't go or whatever. Although he did have interest in me he does not want to date me or anyone right now. I believe what this last psychic says and I'm very disappointed with the outcome of all this. I guess my real question is this: Does anyone know of a psychic who is very accurate in regard to love/dating relationships? I feel like I have wasted a lot of time talking to psychics in the past since obviously they weren't able to "See" that things wouldn't work out either time for me. I can take bad news even if I don't want to hear it. It just makes me livid though to be given advice and be told for weeks and weeks that things will work out with the guy and then things don't. I'm not a pushy sort of woman so asking this last guy out took a lot of nerve on my part. I feel like I have been slapped in the face and I am totally sick of the games men play. Either they are interested or they are not. If they are not interested in even going out (we're not talking about having sex somewhere; we're just talking dinner) then why in the hell do they act interested? Why do they go out of their way to talk to me and flirt or joke around and then if i start to ACT interested BACK they are gone in a flash. I'm tired of this. I didn't mean to ramble. Anyone know of a reputable reliable psychic who does not charge ridulously high fees? I would be very interested in his/her help. Thank you for listening. ,Paula,pmoore@truman.edu
Re: Psychic Readings & Accuracy,Wednesday 17-Jan-2001 13:14:29,,Dear Paula <BR> Controlling relationships such as the one you mention between the younger man and his immature possessive girlfriend are hard to predict ---- the future is never predetermined---- controlling people have a million and one ways of staying in a relationship<BR>What you are describing between these two people is a controlling relationship.<BR> I would have told you to becareful and that although he has alot of feelings for you --- He may get trapped in this other relationship.<BR> Please call me at 1-877-321-1141 and I can help you with this and other questions.<BR>Peace and Love<BR>Tamalyn<BR>tamalyns@earthlink.net<BR>P.S. My rates are reasonable too ($1 per minute),tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
2 Red Suns,Saturday 13-Jan-2001 22:49:26,,Any one have information on the planet with the two red suns?,Bee Lief,BeeLief@seventh-sense.com
I am Looking for Exp Psychics to Work at Home,Monday 25-Dec-2000 08:21:04,,I need experienced psychic counselors to recruit and manage their own group of work at home psychic counselors. Payrate is $12/hr plus bonus/commissions. You must be experienced to be placed in a managment position. I have positions for readers as well which require no experience as psychic counselors. The job is answering inbound psychic calls from your home phone. There is no 2nd line req. Tarot exp required. If you are interested please contact me at 334-598-4652 or by email at sjarnold99@Hotmail.com There are NO FEES this is a legitimate work at home opportunity with no strings attached! Minimum work week of 20 hrs for mgrs.,s.j. arnold,sjarnold99@hotmail.com
Re: Anyone know of any books dealing specifically with empathic abilities?,Saturday 23-Dec-2000 11:42:47,,Empathic responses are another form of telepathic responses only on an emotional level. Please see http://www.i-am-a-i.org or http://www.cosmic-kitchen.com/IAMAI/xChapter_7.1.html,Susan,sjarnold99@hotmail.com
Anyone know of any books dealing specifically with empathic abilities?,Saturday 9-Dec-2000 23:45:48,,,Thank You ~ piscespixie,paanderson9@hotmail.com
Re: Anyone know of any books dealing specifically with empathic abilities?,Monday 8-Jan-2001 18:15:16,,Empathic responses are another form of telepathic responses only on an emotional level. Please see http://www.i-am-a-i.org or http://www.cosmic-kitchen.com/IAMAI/xChapter_7.1.html,stvnjsha,
Animal Communication,Friday 1-Dec-2000 10:11:32,,Does anyone know of any online or distance study courses on this subject please?,Angel24,
Experiences & Methods of Astral Travel & Out of Body Experiences,Wednesday 29-Nov-2000 12:39:26,,According to the book Astral Odyssey maintaining conciousness in pre & post dream states and dream states is one avenue towards out of body experience. <BR><BR>Please share any experience or questions you have about these states and maintaining conciousness in these states. <BR><BR>Phenomenon include predream hallucinations or imagery (hypnagogic) post-dream recall &/or hallucinations (hypnopomic) Lucid Dreams False Awakening Dreams Dual Conciousness and ESP (or psychic Dreams.<BR><BR>There may be other doorways to OBE (out of body experience or travel) such as going out of different chakras such as Sixth (or pineal chakra). <BR>I work with the Astral or Dream Body in the Third or stomach chakra.<BR><BR>Any experience with these phenomenon that you can share with us will be most helpful <BR>Peace and Love <BR>Tamalyn,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Re: Experiences & Methods of Astral Travel & Out of Body Experiences,Thursday 28-Dec-2000 18:13:19,,hi i would like to respond to the out of body<BR>experience...ive had at least 2 of these occurances and never know when im going to have another...the first one i had i came home after i had an ectopic pregnancy i had been home about 3days when one night i went to sleep and then somehow i felf as if some energy was pulling me up and at first i didnt fight the pull but then i opened my eyes and could see my self still in bed sleeping and then thats when i started to fight against the energy that was trying to pull me up and i kept thinking no i cant leave yet i dont want to leave and that i had to make myself go back down to my body the more i focused on this the further i went and then i touched down with my body then woke up. and i was scarred to death i didnt go back to sleep that night for fear that the same thing would happen again i was so scared that i didnt even tell my husband because i thought he might think i was going crazy. a couple of days later i told him and he could not believe it...<BR><BR>the second time this happend to me i left just like the first time except this time i followed the energy pull i went to someplace i knew i just cant remember where it was now but i could feel as though ide been there before i was talking to someone i cant remember who but i knew them i also saw alot of people i knew it was like a picknic or family gathering i was telling the person that i missed them and that i dont want to go back i dont like it there people are mean for no reason and i hated it. and that i wanted to stay with them but thay said no then (my name)you cant stay here you have to go back its not time yet you have to go back and try to enjoy the life you have.to try to find the good and fun that life has to offer i still said no i dont want to i want to stay here with you and thay said you will eventually i said but you all wont be here when i come back he said no thats not true that a year is only a second where thay are and that thay wouldent notice me missing for very long cause by the time my life here ended it would resume.there only nobody would have aged everybody would be the same and if i was gone30 years here it would be like 30seconds there. he said go back and enjoy your life have fun and have a good time you will be here with us soon dont worry just have a good time it was almost as if he was telling me to go out and play and enjoy the other kids cause i would eventualy go home anyway...i told him i would try and then i remember wakeing up and thinking i have to enjoy my self to enjoy life cause ille be there soon...and i havent thought of it since now...well i hope this helps. if anybody has any comments please let me know.thanks.,,alcmaddhatter@aol.com
Had any unusual Dream State or Out of Body Experience??,Monday 27-Nov-2000 14:22:59,,If you have any unsual experiences in your Dreams Pre or Post Dream State or Out of Body Experiences please share with the Message Board.<BR>Peace and Love <BR>Tamalyn<BR><BR>,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Re: Had any unusual Dream State or Out of Body Experience??,Thursday 1-Feb-2001 10:38:32,,I have been haunted by these dreams with people that I have never met consistently for about 7 or 8 years now. It all started when we moved to these apartments in Irving Texas from Oklahoma. I knew noone there. I still remember the dream that started it all. I had fallen asleep on the couch and in the dream I was lying on the same couch and someone's arm (I could tell it was a man's arm) comes across me and I hear my name! It was so real that it startled me and I woke up in a panic! The dreams just continued from there. In them there is sometimes a man in what looks to be a priest outfit. They always seem soooo real and always seem to be after me for some reason. Like I said this has gone on for many years now. If anyone has any idea what this is all about PLEASE let me know! You have no idea what this has done to me! Feel free to email me at kpowell@chek.com if you can help. Thanks I needed to tell someone I'm always afraid someone will think I am crazy!<BR><BR>Kelly,Kelly,kpowell@chek.com
Contacting Plants Spirits in Dream State,Monday 27-Nov-2000 14:16:55,,Try this:<BR>Find a plant that you want to communicate with: get to know the plant - it's structure smell where it grows. Become connected to the plant - observe and experience the world as the plant does - go to dream state. When you return to conciousnesses write your experiences in a notebook.<BR><BR>Return to quiet indoor space. Put simple monotomous drumming on stereo. Go into dream state to contact plant spirit - close your eyes take deep breaths relax - reaffirm your intention to meet and get to know the plant spirit Image yourself going into the earth through a hole or cave --- Once inside the hole go into a downwards tunnel and into the light. This is the dreamworld of shamanism<BR>Find the plant growing there and find the spirit of that plant. Ask the plant spirit what it can teach you<BR>When you feel your dream is complete thank the plant spirit. Then return up out of the tunnel retracing your steps --- return to your body. Take some time to review and write down what is in your dream.<BR><BR>This is a shortened version of this exercise on pages 42 and 43 of <A HREF="http://www.amazon.com/exec/ASIN/1893183114/tamalynshealingh">Plant Spirit Medicine</A>. I highly recommend that you look at the exercise in the book before trying it out.<BR><BR>Please share any experiences you have with communication with plant spirits and with this meditation/dream state!!<BR>,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Thousands of Images of People as falling asleep,Monday 27-Nov-2000 13:56:20,,About 10 years ago I noticed that as I feel asleep I saw hundreds of images of people's faces in my head. I have always wondered where did all these people come from. Some of the faces were really intense and dramatic.<BR> When I picked up a copy of <A HREF="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0877288607/tamalynshealingh">Astral Odyssey</A> I found the answer to this phenomenon. ---- As you are falling to sleep you go into what is called hypnagogic state. What I experience is hypnagogic hallucinations --- Although I am falling asleep the waking conciousness remains intact so that I am aware of the visual images and contact with the astral world.<BR> Evidently everyone experiences or can experience similar level of presleep imagery. They just need to tune in the this state. I find the state more apparent in afternoon naps. <BR> Have you had similar experiences ??? What type of experiences have you had in this prestate space??? Some people see colors and/or images.,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Re: Thousands of Images of People as falling asleep,Tuesday 26-Dec-2000 00:34:42,,The hypnagogic hallucinations I have experienced can mostly be described as wandering thoughts that just seem more "real". I usually forget them very quickly and they make little sense. <BR><BR>Once I actually remembered falling asleep. The morning when I awoke I could clearly remember what was going on in my head the moment when sleep began. It was like passing from one universe to another. It's strange that we forget what happens at this point every night but even stranger when remembered...<BR><BR>I have noticed that afternoon naps generally lead to lucid dreams but I think it was because I usually didn't bother turning off the light. I could detect the light in REM sleep through my eyelids which stimulated some neurons or whatever leading to vivid imagery.<BR><BR>But I haven't gotten many afternoon naps since I graduated college and got a real job. My schedule isn't nearly as flexible.,Z,
Re: Thousands of Images of People as falling asleep,Sunday 28-Jan-2001 20:26:44,,I see faces alot as I fall asleep. I also have seen colors moving shapes and sceneries. I find it interesting to picture a pinpoint of light in front of my closed eyes and then imagine it getting bigger and closer revealing a new scene. The results can be pretty cool and a lot of times it leads to important dreams.,Terri,groomr_2000@hotmail.com
Psychic Medium referral,Thursday 26-Oct-2000 16:41:45,,Does anyone know of a source to find a responsible psychic or medium in my area? Is there any sort of professional organization?<BR><BR>Or can anyone recommend a medium in the Charleston S.C. area or in the Carolinas at all?<BR><BR>If so please let me know at DISSmith@aol.com<BR>Appreciate any assist.<BR><BR><BR>,Debbie,DISSmith@aol.com
new book,Wednesday 4-Oct-2000 16:34:09,,Jungian individuation and mystical search are covered in a new book I heard about.<BR><BR>It's called LABYRINTH OF CHAOS and is available through www.newfalcon.com.<BR><BR>Lots of love!,Michael,
This Board,Tuesday 19-Sep-2000 13:11:06,,Greetings from The Ancient One .<BR><BR><BR>My compliments on the board . You seem to have a good group of people . I am a psychic/<BR>metaphysical practitioner in Canada . I have been a psychic forever taught tarot written columns on the paranormal investigated hauntings lectured on alien abduction ....<BR><BR>I look forward to reading the posts on this board .<BR><BR><BR>FOREVER IN PEACE<BR>MICHEAL,The Ancient One ( www.bardic.on.ca/ancient ),psychicman@email.com
Re: This Board,Monday 22-Jan-2001 13:51:21,,Hi Michael <BR>I am looking for a psychic friend to correspond with.....would you be interested? I have lots of experience and have visions that I would love to talk about with someone that might be able to help putting the puzzle together. I have never asked for a pen-pal before but when I read your ad....I knew I wanted to stay in touch. Not sure but I think we could help each other. Let's be friends. Sam (girl),Sam,mugzzi@yahoo.com
Mother Shipton's uncanny prophcies,Tuesday 12-Sep-2000 19:56:48,,They called her a witch but whatever she was many (NUMEROUS) of her prophecies have been fulfilled ......<BR>http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/shipton/<BR>,Robin,
Re: Series of Spiritual/Religious dreams..Help me!,Tuesday 5-Sep-2000 11:30:17,,first of all nancyn you must realize that these aren't infact your dreams. it sounds far off the point but it is this point you must realize first and foremost. these dreams you describe are the way spirits communicate with people that are not sensitive enofe to hear or see them in the waking. the way to tell the difference between your dreams and those that are acctually messages to you is first the feeling of them. they feel distinctly diff. from your own cognitive dreams they have a diff. energy to them which is distinctivly diff. from your own. second is that they will usually be very lucid like you are being pulled to see what is. rather than creating what is in order to see. third is that spirits communicate in kind of a shirade everything is very symbolic and must not be taken literally (unless it is a premonition). <BR> for eg. your in a pose of death in front of a stopped clock on a mammoth church. my first thought is that it is a relative or someone very close to you that you modeled yourself after who was very religous and is now dead and this dreamspeak will keep repeating itself until you consciensly remember or think of this person in the waking (when you train your self you can communcate with them in the dreamspeak) thus enabling this spirit to go on with the dreamspeak knowing that you know who it is that's talking. in the begining figuring out these messages can be very trying. <BR> good luck ,Craig Howell,zenoman@bigfoot.com
Has anyone heard of 'FreeSoul' by Pete Sanders Jr?,Thursday 31-Aug-2000 01:57:39, writes,Hi &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;just wanted to know if anyone's heard of a book called You Are Psychic by Pete Sanders Jr. I've read his book and I thnk his philosophy is pretty convincing (according to his own brain/cognitive studies from M.I.T). I do highly recommend the book and you can get it at any major bookstore.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;But my question is does anyone else know of him and his books and if so what they think of it.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;~Metamorphys&lt;BR&gt;,<a href="http://paris.mygarden.com" target="_top">Metamorphys</a>,metamorphys@nsimail.com
Have not read the book ,Friday 1-Sep-2000 13:36:28, writes,You might try here for more information on Mr. Sanders.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;a href="http://www.skepdic.com/joytouch.html"&gt;Pete Sanders&lt;/a&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,DaChew,
tibetian alphabet and symbols,Sunday 30-Jul-2000 22:26:45, writes,please send any info you might have. i have been surfing the web and only getting dead ends. thanks for your help....steve&lt;BR&gt;,steve,standingbear11@aol.com
Healing of Cords: Energy Viaducts between people,Monday 17-Jul-2000 14:25:57, writes,One aspect of healing human relationships is healing of energy "cords" or connections between people. These cords act as a viaduct or conduit between two people in which a number of parasitic emotions can be sent from on person to another. A metaphor for how a cord feels is go into a swimming pool or hot tub; Feel the water entering the pool through a outlet of a pipe or conduit -- This is how a cord feels.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Cords are different from entities in that they do not have a conciousness of their own and therefore do not create a feeling of a presence such as with an entity. This is a link to someone else's conciousness. &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;We all have had cords - Mother's and children typically have a cord from birth that originated along the umbillical cord.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Does anyone have any personal or third person experiences with cords??&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;How have they affected the dynamics of the relationships between the two corded people???&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;How does one heal a cord and what are the affects of healing the cord???&lt;BR&gt; Peace and Love &lt;BR&gt;Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Re: Healing of Cords: Energy Viaducts between people,Tuesday 18-Jul-2000 04:55:15, writes,Hi Tam:-)&lt;BR&gt;Yes I've experienced cord relationships since my childhood and became able to get them on my conscious mind lately at my age of 46y.&lt;BR&gt;For me these cords mostly seemed to present themselves as "love" but clearly represented only my dependency on somebody as a new mother or father substitution.&lt;BR&gt;In this way I lived in a kind of energetic symbiosis without my knowing.&lt;BR&gt;I've learned to "cut" the cords on the energetic level and to heal them on the level of their energetic aspects also but...it seems to be more complicated than this to get rid of them since they seem to exist on more than these levels which means there are often remainders on other levels of existance.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;On these levels it depends on the development of the own strenght and responsibility for the own life how fast one can get rid of these cords.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;We all know the seperation between mother and child on the material level and about the fact that there is still a nable cord on psychic level til the child gets independant from its mom on this level also.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Some of us do this quickly some of us not and the last ones have to carry this burden into their relationship with other people in their adult lives.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;It is not only the "Energay viaduct" which has to be healed but the readyness to live without it.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Namaste &lt;BR&gt;Bernd&lt;BR&gt;PS: eventual further contacts on this topic please by email since there are "two many mesage boards in my life":-)&lt;BR&gt;,Bernd,hbe@wtal.de
Series of Spiritual/Religious dreams..Help me!,Tuesday 11-Jul-2000 12:46:23, writes,Hi I am new to this type of forum. I hope someone can help me . I'm a 32 year old single Mom of two boys. I live a pretty average life work f/t kids date casually go out on weekends. About 3 years ago before my marriage ended (my idea btw) I was having a series of dreams that all had a theme of religion somehow. The last one (or one of the last) was one with a stopped clock on a bell tower of a huge Church and I was floating on my back in front of it arms folded. When my marriage ended the dreams stopped. They recently started again. The one that sticks out most in my mind is the one where I am in a large Church again with others being prepared for something. The cathedral ceiling then opened and beings were floating their bodies were shapeless but their faces seemed to be those of Saints and I believe I saw Jesus! Let me add that I am not an active Church-going person have had a hesitation with organized religion but am very spiritual in my own belief systems. (karma past life working towards my higher self helping &lt;BR&gt;others etc) Whats happening? Am I getting signs past life remnants warnings or is my imagination just trying to be dramatic to draw my attention to something else? Any insight at all would be appreciated.&lt;BR&gt;,Nancyn,Nancyn68@hotmail.com
Re: Series of Spiritual/Religious dreams..Help me!,Monday 17-Jul-2000 08:41:25, writes, Nancyn. In very general terms it feels like you are getting in touch with the real Nancyn and ready to "deal" or experience something of a deeper significant nature. Enjoy!&lt;BR&gt; Love steve G. &lt;BR&gt;,steve G.,steveininconcord@webtv.net
Re: Series of Spiritual/Religious dreams..Help me!,Monday 17-Jul-2000 11:25:42, writes,Hello there!&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Just so you know I am a 43 yr. old woman married with 3 children and 1 grandchild. I believe in metaphysics and God; although I myself should go to church more than I do. Like you I am very spiritual in my own way and enjoy reading the Bible and discussing religion and metaphysics. &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I believe God works in mysterious ways and at times allows us to see into another part of "life"; maybe not the physical life as we know it but another part of "existence". &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;First off regarding your dreams. If they are not frightening to you in any way or form either during the dream state or after you wakem do not be worried.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Secondly I do believe and all that I write is only my opinion that spiritual dreams have significance in one's life. These dreams which you are experiencing maybe showing you something. Please keep in mind that dreams are not always what they seem. More times then not when I analyze my own dreams I realize somewhere down the line that they were symbolic. For example one may dream of a flock of sheep and when we finally take the time to analyze it we realize that they represent or represented a group of people. Now you wrote of a clock which had stopped and happened to be on a church. This may symbolize something completely different than what seems apparent.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;If you don't mind I would like to take a little while to think on what you placed on the message board. In the interium if you would like to contact me please feel free to utilize my e-mail.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Take care and God Bless &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;i2beeleve&lt;BR&gt;,,i2beeleve@yahoo.com
Some of your dreams may be Apparitions,Monday 17-Jul-2000 13:06:01, writes,You may have seen or "dreamed" Apparitions of Jesus and perhaps the archangels. I have also found dream time and night time to be a very spiritual & psychic place.&lt;BR&gt; About ten years ago I "dreamed" or had a very distinct vision of Jesus. He was all gold and came booming into my conciousness - He said "be with Jesus Christ". The dream was so distinct that I woke up abruptly and my heart was racing. I would call this an apparition.&lt;BR&gt;I would probably call what you saw or "dreamed" a series of apparitions.&lt;BR&gt; When I began my psychic training I used to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and gravitate to the TV. Every time I turned on the TV there was some movie with a spiritual or psychic theme. Some times I would view the Movie without my contact lenses in: I would sit right up against the TV to see what was going on.&lt;BR&gt;Some spiritual guide had woke me up from my sleep and "instructed" me to turn on the TV.&lt;BR&gt; Nancyn I believe that you are getting in more in touch with the spiritual aspects of your life; and your dreams or sleep time are a venue or place for your guide and Christ to communicate with you.&lt;BR&gt;Peace and Love Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;,tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Re: Series of Spiritual/Religious dreams..Help me!,Tuesday 5-Sep-2000 18:46:20,,first of all nancyn you must realize that these aren't infact your dreams. it sounds far off the point but it is this point you must realize first and foremost. these dreams you describe are the way spirits communicate with people that are not sensitive enofe to hear or see them in the waking. the way to tell the difference between your dreams and those that are acctually messages to you is first the feeling of them. they feel distinctly diff. from your own cognitive dreams they have a diff. energy to them which is distinctivly diff. from your own. second is that they will usually be very lucid like you are being pulled to see what is. rather than creating what is in order to see. third is that spirits communicate in kind of a shirade everything is very symbolic and must not be taken literally (unless it is a premonition). &lt;BR&gt; for eg. your in a pose of death in front of a stopped clock on a mammoth church. my first thought is that it is a relative or someone very close to you that you modeled yourself after who was very religous and is now dead and this dreamspeak will keep repeating itself until you consciensly remember or think of this person in the waking (when you train your self you can communcate with them in the dreamspeak) thus enabling this spirit to go on with the dreamspeak knowing that you know who it is that's talking. in the begining figuring out these messages can be very trying. &lt;BR&gt; good luck ,guardian,
Retreat For Healing and Enlightenment in India,Sunday 2-Jul-2000 13:36:16, writes,There will be a retreat for enlightenment in India July 12-27 at Satyaloka Monastery. There is no charge but travel. Food and lodging is provided. For more info please see www.skyboom.com/ddasa.&lt;BR&gt;,Dharma,d_dasa@hotmail.com
Kirlian Photography of Plant Spiritual Energies,Saturday 24-Jun-2000 09:35:04, writes,A Russian Semyon Davidovich Kirlian was able to detect a strange luminescence or aura around living beings using a high frequency light emiter (75 000 to 200 0000) pulses per second and photography. &lt;BR&gt;Kirlian examined plants with some surprising results: energy was surging out of channels in the leaves - white blue red and yellow flares&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;He noticed that energy surged out of human fingertips like volcanos&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Here is an exercise: Bring your two hands together but not touching. Feel the Chi or energy between your fingers.&lt;BR&gt;Slowly pull your hands apart and while feeling the Chi connection.&lt;BR&gt;How far can you pull your hands apart and maintain the chi connection??&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Making Flower Essences via Crystal Bowls,Friday 23-Jun-2000 23:02:55, writes,Hello Friends &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Can anyone suggest a book web page discussion group - I want to start making flower essences with a 14" crystal bowl - Looking for direction and ????&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Thank you in advance for your time and energy&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Barry&lt;BR&gt;,Barry ,bkish@ecentral.com
Re: Making Flower Essences via Crystal Bowls,Saturday 24-Jun-2000 14:55:21, writes,aromareiki@egroups.com&lt;BR&gt;,YinUnit,YinUnit@netscapeonline.co.uk
The lives of non-humans,Friday 23-Jun-2000 12:37:45, writes,I have this working theory in progress. That is I am developing it. Many of us that have pets or types of animals around us may find that they pick up peculiar habits over time. I believe that for example cats dogs birds etc. are extremely good reflectors of what we are like and what our 'living' or home environment is like. There are certain things one of our cats does that is completely me and some things that are completely my husband. For example both cats are very quiet and never really make sounds but the one smaller one (more like my husband) will once in a while come to me and announce herself with a mini-mieow. The bigger one on the other hand will tend to sit in the background and corners and just watch silently (more like me). She is content to just observe. &lt;BR&gt;Has anyone noticed such specialized characteristics developing in their pets. Most importantly once that so closely resemble your own behaviour and thougths?&lt;BR&gt;,Monzee,sixsense@idirect.com
Re: The lives of non-humans,Sunday 25-Jun-2000 08:01:56, writes,first- english is not my first language :)&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;second- yep i think all have noticed that i guess thats becaouse&lt;BR&gt;animals living in a human group are trying to reflect the same&lt;BR&gt;behaviour as their "human parents" of course they cant do that in&lt;BR&gt;full size cos they r animals...&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;regards&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;--i just surfed to this msg board so pls reply to my email if u like&lt;BR&gt;:)&lt;BR&gt;,smok3,smoker@email.si
Re: The lives of non-humans,Sunday 25-Jun-2000 18:04:42, writes,I tend to agree with Monzee. I have noticed this in pets and in human couples too.&lt;BR&gt; My brother and his part douberman dog "Fred" have very similar behaviours. Both have kind of short fuse when it comes to teasing. I always have teased both of them. They both get this incredulous weary suspicious stare when I tease them. It is almost the exact stare!!! (I hope my brother won't be mad if he reads this)&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt; Couples seem to also take on similar or exact behavoir traits. My neighbors are an example of this. I sometimes feel like I am talking to the same hologram whether I am talking to the man or his wife.&lt;BR&gt; It is always amusing to watch couples and families in Malls Airports and Train Stations. Watch how much of their behavoirs are similar.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt; I believe that part of this behavoir sharing might be what psychics call "Matching Energy" that friends lovers family and pets do.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Psychic attacks ,Thursday 15-Jun-2000 22:20:57, writes,There is a set of guide lines to tell if a spirit is good or evil on my page. I may help those new to it. When you first start out the evil ones seduce and tell you all manner of lies to distract you and use you. &lt;BR&gt;http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/7670&lt;BR&gt;,Phoenixess,http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/7670
alternative healing seminars,Sunday 11-Jun-2000 19:04:51, writes,Looking to attend a seminar in alternative healing. Preferably in the NY NJ PA area but will go farther. Also looking for same with alternative therapy services such as massage reflexology etc. Unfortunately I'm not computer literate. Any suggestions on where I could find some information relating to this?&lt;BR&gt;Thanks so much!!!!!&lt;BR&gt;,,drmprisco@aol.com
Re: alternative healing seminars,Sunday 11-Jun-2000 21:16:48, writes,One site that can help you out is LifeDirectory. This site is an alternative healing directory with a search engine that lets you search health area such as workshops and also lets you search locality. Here is the link:&lt;BR&gt;&lt;A HREF="http://www.lifedirectory.com"&gt;LifeDirectory&lt;/A&gt; Just double click on the underlined link.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;or the address is http://www.lifedirectory.com&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;There is also the Whole Life Expo in Toronto Canada http://www.wholelifecanda.com&lt;BR&gt;It is in November&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I am sure that other people can help you out with more resources.&lt;BR&gt;Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: alternative healing seminars,Friday 23-Jun-2000 12:15:47, writes,I provide one on one and small group seminars from several alternative disciplines ( aromatherapy- holistic and clinical reflexology reiki meditation creative visualization and feng shui design). I also practice these arts and philosophies in my life and provide them as sessions to my clients.&lt;BR&gt;Let me know if you are interested. &lt;BR&gt;Monzee&lt;BR&gt;,Monzee,sixsense@idirect.com
entities,Sunday 11-Jun-2000 19:01:03, writes,Have a full time practice in advanced energy and emotional work. In the past two and a half weeks I have had 13 clients who all experienced the same symptoms. Pressure in heart palpatations tired. Two clients had swelling. One in the throat. One on the entire left side of body-head to toe. Entities invaded all from the solar plexus and got into the nervous system. Affected heart the most. In the ten years I have been doing this I have never seen anything like this before. One woman had to go to the doctor who hooked her up on a monitor. Once released there was no more pain and no reoccurence. These entities are quite nasty. Has anyone experienced these symptoms with any of their clients?&lt;BR&gt;,,drmprisco@aol.com
Re: entities,Monday 17-Jul-2000 08:36:01, writes, I have heard of non frienly entities inhabiting bodies causing the physical effects such as you have described. Some are possessed some attach.&lt;BR&gt;I have personally seen one unfriendly entity attach itself to a young woman dwelling in the third eye region causing severe headaches. In a healing circle we detached him and as I was leaving he tried to attach himself to me where I intuitively played/sang music I knew he detested. This male energy attached itself to the same &lt;BR&gt;family through generations dating back to the1400s. &lt;BR&gt; The only time I have directly felt physical pain in the form of extreme soeness in all my joints and several muscles was when I openend myself to a transmission meditation to the masters without properly grounding myself where upon some entitys had a field day withmy body. It took almost 2 weeks to rid all the pain with fluids and positive thoughts/prayer.&lt;BR&gt; In Love steve G.&lt;BR&gt;,Steve G,steveninconcord@webtv.net
Backster Effect & Cleve Backster: Are plants psychic??,Saturday 3-Jun-2000 21:01:42, writes,In 1966 a well known Polygraph Expert Cleve Backster decided to put polygraph probes on a office plant (a Draceaena) on a wime. To his surprise the plants reacted to various stimuli like humans.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Plants were able to perceive intent of people towards them; and differentiate real intent from pretented intent. Plants able to perceive danger. If threatened with overwhelming danger plants reactived defensively by going into an deep faint ("energy or signal faint").&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Plants tune into their caretakers - can track the emotions of their caretakers. They could detect whether caretakers were lying (act as a lie detector for caretaker if electrodes attached to plant). The plants had developed special bond or affinity to caretaker. This psychic bond could be maintianed over large distances just as a psychic bond between two people ---- In other words there is no space or time with the psychic connection between humans and plants.&lt;BR&gt; Do you have any communicative and/or psychic experiences with plants (and or animals/pets) that you would like to share with the discussion board? &lt;BR&gt; Do you believe that these phenomenon mentioned above exist??&lt;BR&gt; Please share any special experiences you have had with plants or animals. &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: Backster Effect & Cleve Backster: Are plants psychic??,Saturday 10-Jun-2000 17:02:53, writes,Has anyone read the book "Plant Spirit Medicine" by Eliot Cowan? I am just first getting interested in all of this and am wondering if you can suggest any other books to read on the subject of plants' spiritual life and medicinal benefits...meaning getting in touch with the spirits of plants for healing. Thanx. Joli&lt;BR&gt;,Joli,joliharrington@mailcity.com
Re: Re: Backster Effect & Cleve Backster: Are plants psychic??,Saturday 10-Jun-2000 19:58:18, writes,I haven't read Plant Spirit Medicine .... Going to put on my list to look at.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Here are a couple of books that partually go into plant spirits and healing:&lt;BR&gt;I. Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organs Chi Massage) by Mantak & Maneewan Chia. This book has about a chapter in beginning of book that illustrates using tree energe for healing and the energy of trees. The Tree experiment on this page was basically taken from this book.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;II. There is an Indian Shaman Healer by the name of Medicine Grizzlybear Lake or legally: Bobby Lake-Thom who deal alot with plant spirits. He has two books: Native Healer & Spirits of the Earth. I have not read either yet but have heard him speak. Spirits of the Earth is available via Amazon.com Books and/or Healing Hands Bookstore Link on the Top of Page.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt; Chi Nei Tsang is also available at Amazon or Healing Hands&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt; There are more books on the energetics of flower essences and plant essential oils. Anne MacIntyre has a good book on this topic&lt;BR&gt; Vibrational Medicine also goes into this topic and I will put this on the Healing Hands web site in a day or so.&lt;BR&gt; Not much written. Not a well know topic as you can imagine&lt;BR&gt; Maybe someone else will include some suggestions.&lt;BR&gt;Tamalyn &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Plant Spirit Medicine,Monday 12-Jun-2000 17:57:42, writes,Dear Joli &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I just completed Eliot's book last week. It was a wonderful read. I haven't been that transfixed since reading "Being-In-Dreaming" by Florinda Donner. There are a couple of symposiums on the east coast this summer that you may be interested in. If you would like more info send me an email (remove NOSPAM) I'll see if I can locate the info.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Warm regards &lt;BR&gt;Sienna&lt;BR&gt;,S.W.,Sienna@NOSPAMWildfieldStudios.com
Re: Backster Effect & Cleve Backster: Are plants psychic??,Wednesday 14-Jun-2000 00:41:46, writes,Dear Tamalyn &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Thank you for your invitation into this forum. It is much appreciated! I am an Independent Usui Reiki Master~Teacher and an Intuitive with the gifts of Clairvoyance(clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairsentience (senses the information psychically). I also specialize in Pendulum readings and Intuitive Writing. In addition I am also currently a student of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) which is the Chinese Art of Placement.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I have studied Parapsychology and have a diploma in that field. My portfolio includes other studies in the psychic sciences with other teachers.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I would like to perhaps start a forum here if possible where we could dedicate some space for readings. People would converge at this site for readings and featured psychics could perform their specialties. What do you think?&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;On another note since I am a Reiki Master I would like to bring to the attention of all Reiki Masters Practitioners and supporters in general who visit here regularly or "lurk" that there are some troubling times at the moment with Reiki. Several states have decided that they want to include Reiki under the umbrella of Massage Therapy which of course it is not. To read more about this Most Important Issue concerning *Spiritual Rights* please click at the Sacred Path Reiki site:&lt;BR&gt;http://www.sacredpath.org/html/reiki/legal/index.html&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;It is important to go to the section that contains all the states in the U.S. and see if YOUR state is listed and says that the Massage Board is wishing to include Reiki under it! There is a national effort now underway to dismantle this effort and KEEP REIKI FREE FROM CONTROL AND ENCUMBRANCES! Please feel free to contact Rev. John E. Steele of Sacred Path Reiki to see how you can help! It may take him a little bit of time at the moment to reply so please be patient. Your Help Is Sincerely Appreciated!&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;With spiritual Lightforce &lt;BR&gt;Reverend Dr. Lance RM&lt;BR&gt;Touching the World With Hands of Light and the Spirit of Love!&lt;BR&gt;Member International Association of Reiki&lt;BR&gt;Founder Usui Reiki Masters Council&lt;BR&gt;THE REIKI INFORMER: http://home.infospace.com/reiki2&lt;BR&gt;,Reverend Dr. Lance RM,lancerei@texas.net
Re: Backster Effect & Cleve Backster: Are plants psychic??,Friday 23-Jun-2000 12:27:22, writes,Yes I believe ( know ) that plants are 'psychic'. I know that they feel and perceive energy around them just the same as any other living item. I have about 40-50 plants in our 2 bedroom condo. They get water about 1/week and I fertilize when I am in the mood. They receive exceptional care only when I want to spend time with them ( which is not very often) - they seem to understand this. They don't wilt. They don't die. They wait patiently and grow so much. Some are huge and get bigger every year. They must know I love them even though I do not follow the book schedules for tending to plants. They flower every year and some even several times of year. They know that they are in a good home - I think that is more valuable to them than water and food.&lt;BR&gt;Monzee&lt;BR&gt;,Monzee,sixsense@idirect.com
Re: Backster Effect & Cleve Backster: Are plants psychic??,Sunday 6-Aug-2000 21:14:28, writes,I grow herbs in pots. I had a pot of lemon balm growing under the place where I sometimes hang hand-washed laundry to dry. One particular time the clothes had a lingering amount of bleach in them as they dripped. I could smell a hint of bleach. Well the lemon balm plant wilted. It perked back up later. But now anytime I hang laundry up to dry near that plant (and I haven't used bleach on the clothes since) it wilts. Quite a memory!!!!&lt;BR&gt;,Joli,joliharrington@yahoo.com
Energy Experiments with Plants: Healing Abilities of Trees,Friday 2-Jun-2000 19:55:39, writes,This is the first of a series of Exercises and Discussions on Plant Spirits and Energies.&lt;BR&gt;Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on earth. Trees stand very still absorbing the Earth's Energy and the Universal Force from the Heavaens.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;This is the First Energy Experiment with Plants:&lt;BR&gt;Healing Abilities of Trees:&lt;BR&gt;Practicing with a Tree and the Earths' Forces (Try this at Home!!)&lt;BR&gt;I. Sit or stand one or two feet in fron of a Tree (take note of the kind or species of the Tree)&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;II. Open Yourself to the tree. Relax and Center yourself. Extend your arms and face the palms of your hands toward the tree. Extend your energy toward the tree with a friendly "offering" attitude&lt;BR&gt;Grasp the Tree Trunk&lt;BR&gt;III. Practice with the tree to absorb Tree Energy and return it to the Tree --- That is: the Tree energy goes in the Left Palm up the Left Arm over the head down through the right arm and back into the Tree through the right Palm.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Listen Feel and learn to recognize the Quality of the Tree's Energy.&lt;BR&gt;Feel the Tree's energy when it enters your body&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;As you send it out to the tree combine it with Human Energy.&lt;BR&gt;Notice how the energy feel when it returns to you from the tree enhanced with a cool healing quality. &lt;BR&gt;Notice also how the quality of energy changes after 9 18 24 and 36 cycles. &lt;BR&gt;Gradually withdraw from the Tree. Gradually focus your attention on the navel area the place to end the meditation. As the energy collects ther allow any excess to flow into the tree.&lt;BR&gt;End with a Closing: Clap your hands - this disengages your energy and the energy of the Tree.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: Energy Experiments with Plants: Healing Abilities of Trees,Saturday 10-Jun-2000 19:21:33, writes,Very nice. The first time I did this I felt kind of heady. But I forgot to focus on my navel at the end. I did get the clap at the end!&lt;BR&gt;The next time I felt energy in my left hand. And at the end after the navel focus and the clap. I felt a couple of achey twitches in my WRISTS! I can't wait to see what happens next time!&lt;BR&gt;Any other suggestions for things to do with trees and plants??????&lt;BR&gt;thanx&lt;BR&gt;,Joli,joliharrington@mailcity.com
Energy exchanges with Bay Laurel,Tuesday 20-Jun-2000 15:26:20, writes,I've been interested in the medicinal / Healing qualities of Bay Laurel for some time.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;As a absent-minded Botanist/Healer I have walked by several Bay Laurel Trees on my daily Hike for several years and not noticed them&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Then one day the trees "reached out and grabbed" my attention.&lt;BR&gt; &lt;BR&gt;Bay Laurel is the Northern California species of the Bay Leave Tree (The Bay Leaf Spice). It has many medicinal qualities including scarring away evil spirits when a person is sick with the flu cold or pneumonia. Northern California indians boil up a pot of water containing Bay Leaves and put in Bath water when there is sickness.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I decided to to an energy exchange with a young Bay Laurel Tree. It had a very vibrant energy.&lt;BR&gt;I noticed that the energy exchange became easier the more cycles I performed with the trees' energy.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Further down the trail I noticed some really Large Tall Trees. After deciding to do an energy exchange with these trees I noticed that they were Bay Laurel Trees Too. The energy of these trees was much more refined than the younger tree. I could also feel the earth energy through my feet more stronger around these huge Laurel Trees. I found that energy exhange became flowing and very natural. And I probably did more cycles that I counted.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Try this exerise on your favorite tree or some unknown tree!!!!!&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyns@earthlink.net
Re: Energy Experiments with Plants: Healing Abilities of Trees,Friday 7-Jul-2000 19:11:28, writes,Hi! I have 19 herb plants in pots close to my house. The plants include several varieties of lavendar and sage motherwort eucalyptus rose scented bergamot lemon scented thyme hyysop etc. I have taken to putting my crystals and semi-precious stones out by the plants. In the morning and periodically during the day I sit by the plants smell them and hold the stones. This is a wonderfully peaceful and recuperative time!I highly recommend it!!!!! &lt;BR&gt;,Joli,joliharrington@yahoo.com
The Light and Angels of Light,Sunday 14-May-2000 09:41:31, writes,People that have near death experiences see a incredibly bright light and many times there are angles of light surrounding it.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;It has also been reported from patients when entities are being removed that the angels of light are present. And that the dark entities are repulsed by the the light.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;The angels of light make the healing or clearing environment safe and transmut the dark energy of the entities.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Any one have personal experience with angel or near death experience that they want to share?? Peace and Love &lt;BR&gt;Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: The Light and Angels of Light,Monday 17-Jul-2000 08:55:49, writes, 3 people that I very much cared about presented themselves to me in the afterlife as angels. This is somewha in conflict with my defining the theory that angels have not xperienced being in a human form so I speculate that maybe the reason I see them as angels is because these people know that is what I can relate to or feel comfortable with. All three angels exuded white lite childlike playfulness/giddeyness laughter love appreciation of being free from the encumbersomeness of the heavy physical body. &lt;BR&gt; One angel became a guardian or helper angel for about a yr. or so before travelling on. The most recent experience I shared with the last angel was when she came over to me while I was stting on a bed she put one of her arms on my sholder and the other hand on my left ear "downloading" me with her love appreciation and inforation for me t digest. The feeling in my ear was of warm oil. The experience was SOOO exhillarating that I had to ask her to please stop as I was unable to ground myself. The joy of the experience was becoming overwhelming to my physical body.&lt;BR&gt; In Love steve G.&lt;BR&gt;,steve G.,steveninconcord@webtv.net
Channeling Reiki Energy,Thursday 11-May-2000 12:52:25, writes,In channeling Reiki energy can you also channel a negative entity unknowlingly?&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;And I understand that Buddist and Tibetian cultures see their many deities as symbols of parts of the whole person but for a Christian is working with these deities and symbols taking a risk of playing with the other side &lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,,Indigo Bluesz@aol.com
Re: Channeling Reiki Energy,Thursday 11-May-2000 18:36:34, writes,As with the discussion below on May 11 entities are believed to arise upon fragmentation of astral body at death. These broken astral fragments are very weak remnants of a persons' astral body. And would not represent deities or highly spiritual symbols of the whole person.&lt;BR&gt;Thus entities and the spiritual deities that you speak of are vastly different.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Generally the Reiki environment is highly grounded. (Hopefully some Reiki masters can elaborate on this for me). Entities are being cleared and removed. The grounded healer and the reiki force is much stronger than entity.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;The question arises however is it safe to do Reiki on an individual several days or weeks after a relative of theirs has passed. It may not be. The book Entity possession discusses times when it is forbidden to perform certain spiritual practices in religions such as Buddism. &lt;BR&gt;Regards Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,
Re: Channeling Reiki Energy,Friday 9-Jun-2000 03:48:43, writes,Greetings to all &lt;BR&gt;Reiki is a system of accessing what is termed as Spiritual (universal) Life Force or more commonly energy.&lt;BR&gt;It is based on eastern teaching although the channeling of energy is not now or was it ever limited to eastern teachings. Hundreds of years ago studies were done in Europe by leading Universities based on the work of europeans often referred to as magnatic healers.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;In all the teachings one constant is present and that is that the human physical form is intregated with this life force (given many names according to ones culture).&lt;BR&gt;When the life force is in balance ther being is believed to be in good health on all levels spiritual physical mental and emotional.&lt;BR&gt;When there is a cause for disturbance to the balance illness or discomfort become present.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Channeling new fresh energy helps restore the natural balance of the individual and promotes self healing which in some cases appears to be an accelerated healing.&lt;BR&gt;An accelerated healing can be instantanous or just a matter of healing in days rather then weeks etc.&lt;BR&gt;In some cases the healings which are addressed by the energy are not areas which we readily see with our eyes like emotional healing or internal healing of disturbances in organs or even spiritual in nature.&lt;BR&gt;Reiki is always safe to do because it is not controled by the practitioner in any manner when received it is the individual receiving that determines how the energy will be used and in most all cases it is not a conscious application to do a specific task but an acceptance that the highest need is addressed.&lt;BR&gt;In some cases it is the same need that is perceived that is addressed but that is not always the case.&lt;BR&gt;If an individual is in a position of having attachments of entities due to deaths or for that matter any reason then reiki can be applied without any fear of damaging the individual because it will not interfere in any adverse manner.&lt;BR&gt;it can assist in the rebalancing of the natural order for the being and if that means releasing the entity then that is what will happen.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Namaste&lt;BR&gt;Rev. A. Joseph Running Wolf Sparti&lt;BR&gt;http://www.reiki.net/GRMA&lt;BR&gt;wolf@reiki.net&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,ShadowWolf,wolf@reiki.net
Re: Channeling Reiki Energy,Friday 9-Jun-2000 21:39:23, writes,No you cannot possably be opened to a negative entity when using or receiving Reiki.The strength of the protection built into this and many other energy systems is phenomomal.&lt;BR&gt;Reiki will dissapate negative entities and energies from most surroundings .&lt;BR&gt;NAturaly Reiki does not interfere with the free will of the recipient or practitioner so it is possable for someone to call in or retreive negative entities after they are cleared by Reiki treatment if they choose to do so. &lt;BR&gt;I have also treated people in transition from life and their families Reiki can assist is easing transition and the healing of the loved ones left behind There has never been any sign or possability of possesion by the recently deceased &lt;BR&gt; &lt;BR&gt;,Peggy Jentoft,skygreen@mediaone.net 
Re: Channeling Reiki Energy,Sunday 18-Jun-2000 12:46:45, writes,In channeling Reiki energy can you also channel a negative entity unknowingly?&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;When one channels Reiki energy we are taught that Reiki is pure and has intelligence of its own. I have personally seen the Divine presence of this energy they call Reiki. During Reiki treatments on my client’s presence of other entities spirits of the light assisting in the healing are there and sometimes merge within me to facilitate the healing. Knowing that you are protected in the Divine presence is enough for me to know that Reiki is pure and of God's hands and as well as different aspects of God are there to be of service to the healing! I hope this has helped you!&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Debora "Star Wind" Sellers,starwind@nccoast.net
Re: Channeling Reiki Energy,Monday 26-Jun-2000 15:00:52, writes,No.&lt;BR&gt;Reiki is apowerful source of healing that will do what is best for the divine good of the being involved.&lt;BR&gt;If someone really does not want to let go then perhaps this is something that they need to do in this life.&lt;BR&gt;reiki will not channel something that will do harm in fact no matter what a healer may do with their life the energy will always come when needed. Good practice developing your intuition and learning to let go will lead to being a better healer. &lt;BR&gt;Out of interest i would be interested to know if anyone who reads this message was initiated into the gaian system or initiated by Shimara Kumara.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Matthew campbell,Shambles@71Scotney.fsnet.co.uk
entities,Wednesday 10-May-2000 01:26:02, writes, Free will allows us to experience our selves through fear or love.&lt;BR&gt; Those experiences are sometimes with the attachment of an entity or sometimes without.&lt;BR&gt; We ultimately are accountable for choosing how we experience ourselves and the choice of an entity or not.&lt;BR&gt; We can choose victimization or self accountability.&lt;BR&gt; Love steve G.&lt;BR&gt;,steve G.,steveninconcord@webtv.net
Re: entities,Thursday 11-May-2000 18:18:49, writes,An entity possession should not bean excuss for an addictive person or personality trait. It may be one cause of that affliction. Thus clearing or removal of the entity might facilitate healing of the person with the addictive affliction.&lt;BR&gt; The entity is a spiritual being that has a narrow focus and craves one thing like sugar alcohol spicy meats ect. Thus some people with weight or alcohol problems might have an entity encouraging this behavior&lt;BR&gt; In later discussions I hope to talk about how entitie originate from Astral Fragments that are produced during death. And how these fragments are parts of a whole person's Astral Body which is shattered at death. Thus being only fragments they have a very fragmented singular focus. So the entity has a very singular focus&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,
Re: entities,Monday 15-May-2000 02:48:48, writes,I've known a person who decided to do a contract to such an entity before birth. It gave her glasses to look a her life in a very negative way. She got so strong by draining other persons energies to her "little converter" that she could change peoples ability to experience their natural surroundings. A beautiful park changed in her presence to a horrible place.&lt;BR&gt;Also she had been able to influence other people to do her will.&lt;BR&gt;I couldn't believe this until other healers found balck controlling implants of her and her entity in my etheric bodies.&lt;BR&gt;Then her influence had been broken.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I had been told that we all make such decisions to join a negative or positve "life partner" before birth.&lt;BR&gt;On the other hand I know that we are able to construct our own "entities" by strong emotions and addictions.&lt;BR&gt;Whatever is true I guess we should "clear up" the atral planes from all the stuff which is laying and flying around there whatever methode we will use it had to be just effective.&lt;BR&gt;Love and Light&lt;BR&gt;Bernd&lt;BR&gt;,Bernd,hbe@wtal.de
Entities and the etheric energy field,Tuesday 9-May-2000 19:35:44, writes,Entities are nonphysical beings or presences that become attached to human beings. They are very parasitic and cause problems such as uncontrollable emotions and/or the most severe diseases.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Entities cause people to be singulary focused or polorized in a narrow direction. This causes the individual to alway want the same thing or repeating the same toxic emotions. Thus an entity can cause a person to have an addictive personality.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;The entities that I have seen often look clairvoyantly like black or white blobs with tentacles or suckers (octopus like).&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Any comments or observations that you share would be helpful. What type of observations have you had with this phenomen.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;How does this situation in people's lives arise??&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Questions on the nature of this situation??&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Questions about entities,Tuesday 16-May-2000 00:26:53, writes,I have a couple questions about entities. I've been told I have one and my experiences are consistent with this. I haven't read any books about entities.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;(unless you count the Piers Anthony book Pretender but that was science fiction)&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Do entities give suggestions to humans? I have read new age books (???) referring to picking up suggestions in your mind but this was described as a good thing. (a Pirsig book?)&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Sand,
Re: Questions about entities,Friday 2-Jun-2000 21:02:13, writes,Sand &lt;BR&gt; You are describing Intuition and/or clairaudience when you talk about picking up suggestions in your mind. And that is a good thing. Your spirit guides and own intuition help to direct you in positive directions in your life.&lt;BR&gt; In contrast entities may give you the same repetitive narrow suggestion over and over. Generally this suggestion or obsession would be of negative consequence for your long term health and happiness.&lt;BR&gt;More to come latter..........&lt;BR&gt;Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: Entities and the etheric energy field,Monday 5-Jun-2000 14:22:31, writes,There's thorough coverage of these futi entities in Li Hongzhi's Zhuan Falun which can be read online at:&lt;BR&gt;http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/zfl.htm&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;,Lorcan,
Re: Entities and the etheric energy field,Thursday 8-Jun-2000 01:02:20, writes,If entities are non-physical then what do you do if you feel yourself possessed/invaded by a known individual? Even to the point of hearing their laugh instead of your own? Sounds crazy but it was something that I knew I'd brought on myself with a useless negative thought pattern. Made the worst couple of years of my life and I have no idea if I have or can ever be rid of it.&lt;BR&gt;,anon,
Re: Re: Entities and the etheric energy field,Thursday 8-Jun-2000 12:15:29, writes,Anon &lt;BR&gt; An individual person can get in your energy field to the point that you are expressing their thoughts and actions ---- It is call channeling and it is what Actors/Actresses do all the time.&lt;BR&gt; In addition this behavior is not totally your fault. This particular individual that is getting into your space aura or energy field is probably a good channel (or trancemedium) himself or herself. That is some people can more their spiritual energies around and get into other peoples' space. This person that is getting into your space is a powerful psychic.&lt;BR&gt; You can stop this from happening to you by clearing the persons' energy from your aura. You may need to do this repeatively until the behavoir stops. A good psychic healer can help you with this and instruct you on how to do this.&lt;BR&gt;I would be happy to help or refer someone to you.&lt;BR&gt; Finally either you or this person may be thinking constantly or obsessing about the other person. Stopping this "negative" or more appropriatly repetitive behaviour will help you clear this person from your aura.&lt;BR&gt;Sincerely with Peace and Love &lt;BR&gt;Tamalyn&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: Entities and the etheric energy field,Monday 26-Jun-2000 15:03:45, writes,Yes you have to be careful about entities trying to have their way with you. I found that an entity was on my back trying to get me to chase after women. When I refused he was off although he has been back occasionally.&lt;BR&gt; My main problem is with stupid entities who interfere with my channelling. They are a real pest and I have tried all kinds of methods to rid mtself of them. I did hope to get a decent guide but no luck so far.&lt;BR&gt;,Fred Moon,Fred@pembs.demon.co.uk
What is Chi (qi) Prana Negative Energy,Tuesday 9-May-2000 19:20:08, writes,First Have to apologize. Looks like due to some technical error the previous messages were wiped off the board.&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;I would like to begin the discussion by asking for any comments on the nature of the human energy field: Chi (qi) Prana ???&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Any of you holistic healers or massage therapists have any imput. What is the nature of the aura or the etheric energy field??&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;What is negative energy?&lt;BR&gt;&lt;BR&gt;What is an entity???&lt;BR&gt;,Tamalyn,tamalyn@4light.com
Re: What is Chi (qi) Prana Negative Energy,Tuesday 23-Jan-2001 23:47:34,,I like to avoid the ne