Letter to our Cousin: Ina Haught Barbee from her Uncle John Stubblefield and her cousin "Frankie" Stubblefield in 1932. 

Enos & Lucy Stubblefield mentioned as well as their children and Enos's Siblings (Robert, Edward, John, ?Nancy, ?Effie) 

Uncle John is Father in the letter. Johns' children mentioned are Lola, Leo, Timmy ("Timey"), Nett, Dave, Gertrude, Winnie, and Frankie. These are Della's Cousins.

                                                                    Aurora, MO

                                                                   June /26/32

Dear Cousins + Family,

I guess you will Be surprise to hear from your Cousin and Uncle. We were made very glad the day we got your letter as that was Fathers Birthday. He was 69 years the 23rd June and He has been in very poor health for 3 years. He had the flu and never did get back in good health. His Lungs are affected. He has not been able to talk above a whisper for almost a year. He is not bed fast. But layes down most of time. He has Been able at times to work his garden for mostly exercises.

Well I first will tell you about Father (s) people. Uncle Robert is still living and Aunt Mary also are ?????????? of the best of health looking fine. They live up at Cassville, MO. I guess where they always lived . He was down to see Father 2 weeks ago.

And Aunt Nancy we heard through Uncle Robert that a man told he she was Dead She and Nannie.

 But Effie + John was living out in Texas some where In the western Part. Don't no the Town. Uncle Robert had forgot it, She did Father a Dirty Deed and when she let she never did let us know where she was so we loose track of her only heard through others. She has been gone away for years.

Father said tell you your Uncle Edward Family - 1 Boy and 3 girls are living and your Aunt "Pat" is still Alive (Pat) Was up last summer to see Father looks fine her health is good.

And your Uncle Enos Family they both are dead. Aunt Lucy died about 8 years ago. They are 4 girls and 4 boys living. We see them very often .

And about our Family. Mother died 6 years ago.  And Lola died 1 year ago left 6 children (She) died from childbirth. She had 10 children and was 39 old.  

Leo died 16 years ago and She never did marry. 

And Timey (Timmy-?) died In Idaho He and his Wife with flu was buried together left 3 children and Father raised them the two oldest are at Salem, Ill working and the youngest one is keeping house with him in one Block of us.

And Nett she has been a widow for 12 years her man died and left her 4 children

Well we have lots of Bad luck in loosing our dear ones. But Death is Something we can't prevent Well ???????????????????????????????? health.

Dave is married living in NeBr (Nebraska -??) Has only one child. He is a telegraph operator. And Gertrude is in Salem, Illinois. She works at Shoe Factory 

and Winnie She lives in Long Beach California. She has only one child. Gertrude is the only one not married. I have 3 boys and 2 girls. I am the one the call Frankie. I was so small I guess when you lasted to visit Father and Mother.

But any way I very near to our cousin if we have been apart so long will hope you can make this all out as I am not a very good writer so hoping to here from you soon. I reason. As ever

Your Cousin + Uncle John