Thank you to the people that helped put this web page and family history together:

         Many of the photographs on this page were provided, sorted through and scanned in by Carol Lynn Smith,  Karen Baird, Nina Lump, Barbara Stockton Owens, and Mary Stockton.

Carol Lynn Smith painstakingly scanned in the numerous photos including the photos of Stockton/Stubblefield/Smith/Hopkins from Martha Stocktons' Family Tree from the 1970's.

Nina Lump also provided technical expertise & scanned numerous photographs provided by her mother, Karen Baird.

Betty Cooper provided picture of Malinda Jane Stockton.   Alisa Wuemling provided the pictures of Sarah Elizabeth Stubblefield and the 1932 letter from Frankie Stubblefield.

Finally,  this Family History and Genealogy was initiated by Martha Williams Stockton in the 1970's.   None of this work would be essentially possible without her extensive groundwork.