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Once a person tries Young Living products and experiences their remarkable benefits it's only natural to want to share them with others. It's like seeing a good movie or discovering a great new restaurant, you can hardly wait to tell your friends about it.

Yet when you do, does the movie theater send you a check for bringing in more business? What about when you recommend a restaurant, clothing store, grocery store or some other new product or service? If they did, can you imagine all the checks you'd have rolling in by now? But Alas, for all your valuable word of mouth advertising I'll bet you haven't received a single penny. I know I haven't, until now......

That's because at Young Living we DO reward you for sharing our fine products. Young Living has set up it's product distribution using a word-of-mouth advertising system known as network marketing. Instead of spending it's advertising money on million dollar TV commercials and glossy magazine ads, Young Living pays that money to us for doing something most of us would have done anyway; telling people about a good thing.

Here's how network marketing works in a nutshell:

  1. You become a distributor and try the products.
  2. If you like the products you use them and tell others.
  3. When others are interested they become distributors too.
  4. They tell others and the cycle continues.
  5. Meanwhile, Young Living rewards you by paying you a commission based on the purchases of those you refer and a commission on the purchases made by those referred by YOUR referrals. And they continue to do this every time they reorder, indefinately! This is what's called residual income; refer once, get paid many times.

All in all it's pretty simple. It's a good way to earn extra cash doing something which comes natural to most of us. And if enough people begin to use and buy the products your commission checks could end up paying for your own product purchases as it has for me. And if you choose to do this as a part-time or a full time career then the possibilities are unlimited.

You can start your new home-based business part-time with a minimal investment. It's not the $500,000 investment of a McDonalds franchise. Your Young Living business can be started for as little as $5 plus a product purchase of $50. Here's how to get started.

To become a Distributor:

  1. Call 1-800-763-9963 and choose the "Distributor" option.
  2. Enter 50702 as your sponsor's ID number, then order $50 or more.
  3. Order the Young Living Smell of Success Kit (Order Code 3858) for $19.50 or a Policies and Procedures manual (Order Code 3855) for $5. That's it!

Below I've included more details on how the business and compensation plan work for those who like details. There are actually many more ways to earn money with this system than what I mentioned above. My example above was only to show the simplicity of it. Please be aware that it never needs to be more complicated than simply sharing how good the products are and how to get them, as I've just shared with you.

If you have further questions that are not answered below feel free to contact me at Thanks again for your interest.Marketing Plan Terms | Compensation Plan | Compensation Plan Chart


Marketing Plan Terms and Definitions

"Member" refers collectively to Preferred Customers and Distributors.

When you refer new Members to Young Living, they become first level to you and start new organization legs. Members they refer become second level to you. This can continue through infinite levels.

A Customer may convert to a Distributor upon request and by satisfying Distributor enrollment requirements. No retroactive commission or bonus payments will be made.

Personal Volume (PV) is the amount of commissionable product you personally purchase from the company.

A Distributor who purchases a minimum of $50 per month is considered "Active" for receiving commissions. Distributors will be paid bonuses on the achievement level for which they qualify each month.


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