Extremely Accurate Psychic Readings  & Exceptional  Readings  by  Tamalyn

1- 866-826-2596 (Toll Free)



     Tamalyn is a "Long Distance Psychic Surgeon".  She is able to clear the negative energy from your aura and faciltate positive changes in your life.

     Tamalyn is also an empathic, clairvoyant psychic reader.  She specializes in relationships, both functional and dysfunctional.  

      She has over 9 years helping people improve their lives.  At the Berkeley Psychic Institute, she completed the Clairvoyant Training Program and several years of psychic healing.


Appointments can be made with Tamalyn at 1-877-321-1141.  Please leave a message with your phone number if Tamalyn is not available.   She usually works in the mornings and the evenings.   Her rates are $60 per hour (10 minutes Free with 60 minutes purchased).