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9/29/2007 liseb10 tamalyn is really great. this was my first time reading with her, and it kind of turned into a supportive counseling session, which is exactly what i needed so I would have to say that this was a perfect reading and healing thanks Tamalyn!

9/27/2007 Cathys Light Tamalyn is wonderful in her healing abilities' the gifts she uses are incredible,and her insight goes well beyond the mormal person. If you want to experience a wondefull healing,give her a call today and start your healing journey

12/3/2007 ice mocha thank you very much Tamalyn! you hit on a lot of issues and the situations that were happening. definitely were accurate with the people that inquired with. i look forward to seeking your insights in the near future. thanks!

12/1/2007 Aphrodite7107 Tamalyn is very good, very helpful. She offered some suggestions for me to try. What I liked best is her honesty. She said that there is some energy work she can try, but the problem will keep coming back until he's out of his current living situation. I like that she didn't sugar coat anything or make any promises, but she gave me some hope and some good advice. Definitely worth a call! TY!

11/18/2007 StarrMoondance35 I LOVE Tamalyn! She is absolutely splendid! I simply cannot recommend her enough! Do give her a call!! :-D:-D:-D

11/16/2007 Success2006 Tammy is a professional, clairvoyent,empathic healer and uses her ability to heal people. You have a unique gift. I appreciate your gifts and friendship.

11/15/2007 BBGA I am really impressed by Tamalyn. She just put things in perspective for me and enlightened me. I also appreciate her honesty because she did not waste my time to remove negative energy where she did not see a need. VERY GIFTED and i am so so so glad that i called her as its my first time calling her. She gave me peace of mind and clarity into the situation. I was really confused before i called - now i am clear. A million thanks Tamalyn. will call again .

10/24/2007 dragongirl1967 Tamalyn was fantastic. It wasn't happy news but really good advice. I felt totally connected to her. I've tried 2 others and they were total fakes. She's for real. I'll be calling again. Hope I can follow the advice. Thank you Tamalyn!!

10/24/2007 shasty27 She was great. Her readings to match up with other trusted readers. She gave time frames. I still have to wait to see if her predictions come true, but she was great. Her readings are different, but she is truly great.

10/22/2007 MzMartiniMermaid She has alot of gifts and is a true psychic. She does tap into the supernatural. She does see things and is given information. I will contact her again as needed. Thank you so much! Talk to you soon, I am sure.

Customer Name: villamutualbookworm Date: 06/14/2002 You are awesome - I just LOVE speaking with you, thanks so much!....... 

Customer Name: villamutualbookworm Date: 06/10/2002 This advisor is incredible with her gifts - call for a truly amazing experience - THANKS SO MUCH!!!!......... 

Customer Name: villamutualbookworm Date: 06/09/2002 I really enjoyed this readers style, she was extremely helpful. She zoned right into my situation and was intune with us both - excellent!......... Thanks for the info on my energy tonight, I always appreciate the insights you have for me, I am learning a lot about myself. THANKS!......... 

Customer Name: pkm1218 Date: 04/05/2002 She was definately on the right track. She pinpointed him just right.I would definately call her again.Thanks.................. 

Customer Name: medass Date: 06/14/2002 highly recommended!!!! Thanks again.......... Customer Name: medass Date: 06/14/2002 Tamalyn.....covered the most important things about my relationship, because of this, I will not break things off with my boyfriend, I would surely recommend her (Tamalyn)Thanks! ..........

 Customer Name: wonderlight Date: 06/11/2002 Absolutely amazing! I had heard of her abilities and wanted to try her and am glad I did. She offers healing techniques right on the spot. Will be calling again.............

Customer Name: june776787 Date: 06/09/2002 Very good reading!!! ................ Customer Name: june78 Date: 06/09/2002 VERY GOOD!!!.................

 Customer Name: rnj1998 Date: 06/04/2002 Very interesting the way she read my aura. I'm glad she made me aware of the stress. I'll try not to worry as much. Thank you!............ 

Customer Name: tguringo Date: 06/04/2002 Unique in method...accurate in reading. Give her a call!............. 

Customer Name: susie4743 Date: 05/25/2002 Very good. Very different but good I will call her back................. 

Customer Name: kuma Date: 05/25/2002 Thank you so much! She is really good!............... Customer Name: lindao Date: 05/24/2002 very good at reading auras and anything to do with your body. .......................

 Customer Name: marvlous1 Date: 05/23/2002 She had great ability to heal and give good psychic readings to help me in my personal life. I recommend her to others so they can feel the same experience................. 

Customer Name: trishdawg Date: 05/21/2002 wonderful..Thankyou you made me feel so much better and yet you were very honest..................

 Customer Name: mallorca Date: 05/15/2002 She has a different way of reading than others but she was very accurate and on target!................... 

Customer Name: rowell Date: 05/08/2002 I was very impressed.....................

 Customer Name: lizis2cute Date: 05/07/2002 She was amazing, she was very honest and straight forward I always appreciate that no matter who you are, thank you....................... 

 Customer Name: kaimi007 Date: 05/03/2002 she was direct and picked up on things happening, though the phone connection was bad. Thanks!.................... 

Customer Name: pchy Date: 05/02/2002 Grrrrrrrreat would recommend to anyone!!.

3/22/2002 dtrofoshun - This advisor's healing energy is so wonderful. 

02/20/2002 capricorn53 - "This is the advisor to call if you or loved ones need some Spiritual healing. Highly recommended if your relationship needs a spiritual 'tune-up' or guidance. THANK YOU!" 

02/18/2002 loveangel4u - "a phenomenal lady..truly a gifted healer and reader....a must call!" 

02/16/2002 taniac14 - "thank you tamalyn - great as always". 

02/16/2002 anniversary  - "she was pretty good and I appreiciate her insight." 

02/12/2002 tamoshane - "Interesting call. Give good insight into the current situation. Would call again." 

02/11/2002 raybjr - "She will always be there. A guardian Angel Who will guide what you do, Her heart filled with love Sent to watch over you." 

02/07/2002 karenna - "Nice reading. She was able to really connect with the big picture of what is happening in my life. Would definitely recommend Tamalyn. Thank you." 

02/07/2002 capricorn53 - "A must experience for those who are trying to evolve Spiritually. I felt that my relationship will be better-off for the call. Her mediumship is extraodinary & seems to be highly developed. HEALING!"

02/06/2002 pacgirl "I really enjoyed talking to her she was kind of very correct on my situation thanks barb" 

02/06/2002 truespiritnow - "again you are very very caring and gifted..thank you for your support!" 

02/06/2002 truespiritnow - "thanks so very much for taking on my pain and looking at the big picture.k.you have a true gift. (: " 

02/05/2002 loveangel4u - "JUST AMAZING! I am so grateful i found this woman...she is a special lady with extraordianry gifts... She is a must call if you have any relationship issue..thanks so much Tamalyn!!" 

02/04/2002 justine730 - "Very insightful. Thanks for a nice reading. I will call again when I have more time." 
02/02/2002 bellisima - "She was very helpful with her advice and I would urge you to call her." 
02/02/2002 problematic - "Tamalyn is the best everyone should call her!" 

02/01/2002 raybjr - "On a wing and a prayer, And through your lifetime She will always be there. A guardian Angel Who will guide what you do, Her heart filled with love Sent to watch over you" 

01/26/2002 happykid "Her perception of my situation is interesting. She really wish to help" out. 
01/25/2002 mpaine "thank you for a insightful reading." 

01/25/2002 cyl0123 - "I really enjoyed my reading with Tamalyn she keyed right in to the issue(point) without asking a lot of questions. Thx Cathy"

12/03/2001 wonderworld "THANKS... YOU'RE WONDERFUL" 

11/30/2001 soulfuleyes "She provided me with information that I am already aware of but I wanted to see if she could pick up on this and she did. "

11/26/2001 irondog "very gifted woman here,thanks" 

11/26/2001 blaize111 - "She was right on the money. She gave an excellent reading."

11/26/2001 sandralynn93 - "I had a very enjoyable reading, it was so different from other readings that I've had, but the outcome, the things she told me about were what I feel IS happening and will happen in my future. A very good reading!" 

11/24/2001 brigid115 - "Exceptionally informative and extremely accurate!" 

11/22/2001 papwalter - "She realy knows what she is talking about.past.present @furture."

11/15/2001 irondog - "This was a very Great Pleasure Tamalyn, Far more than a run of the mill online-psychic. This woman has the abilities and knowledge of a true Healer. Thank you very much!!!!!!!"

10/20/2001 heatherwood - "now that was an AMAZING reading:) pretty darn cool. will definitely call again. thank you thank you thank you"

10/12/2001 dcoolcat - "Tamalyn technique is very unique. Awesome... thanx"

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